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We Write Insurance With Tri State
Welcome to Peerless Brokerage, Inc. Our brokerage is licensed to write insurance policy in the State of New York, New Jersey,Connecticut.

Company Service
It's been said that value in the insurance industry is usually defined by two things low premium and high quality service. PBI delivers value not only by quoting the most competitive rates but also backing up the best services with a wide range of product choices. We offer multiple quotes from major insurance underwriting companies nationwide and customize the most suitable insurance coverage for our clients. In addition, We engage in translation service, application filing, on-site bill payment, and claim resolution. All services are personal and provided with utmost commitment to the particular needs of our insured.

In any line of business, trust is the fundamental key of a company's success. We gain our client's trust by providing confidential quotes, situational analysis, and unparalleled services. PBI is dedicated to our clients' current needs and prepared for their future life changes.

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